Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Swalpa Adjust Maadi - naavu irodu higae (we are like this only!)

Bangalore is a wonderful City! Believe me, the best in the world. There is absolutely no regulation that can work here. The traffic works best when its self managed. The cops have been given a new assignment of noting down voilators. All they do nowadays is note registration numbers at junctions and wave in all directions for the traffic to pass ( any direction!). Yesterday the first junction from ITPL was jammed ! a long winding queue (so to speak). In a while the other half of the road, over the road divider, was taken over by vehicles going alongside us. Traffic on both sides of the roads going towards KR Puram! No Cop at the junctions on peak hours! So people make their own roads here . .

A Police jeep joined and sped up along the wrong side whining with lights and sirens (someone inside was screaming 'side ge hogu'). We thought the cops in the jeep would take care of the situation, but guess what, all he was doing was trying to get past the pile up for selfish reasons!! The mess left to people to sort . . it took over an hour to get past . .

While some prayed for the mess to clear and watched the fun :)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Yesterday nite .. waiting for route9

Flying by route9 was a damper yesterday nite!! (the fly by nite - route2J return trip!). No josh with half bus load of people. Most of them were strangers .. who got off the bus enroute.

Added to it, a massive traffic pile up on the flyover. Self management failures! Recently we heard MN Reddy on air promising some CM's 10 point program. Look whats planned for the city. Deadline for some as early as OCtober 2006. As usual promises for now!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Awesome Mausam Again!

Nothing interesting happened today, but the bus was full to its capacity. While the rest of the routes, showed signs of Monday Blues, route2J stood fast! Picked up people on other routes today. In fact a lady got on and shouted at the driver for not stopping on the ring road, then saw there were no seats, jumped off the bus(not literally though:)).

Been cloudy the whole day today! Weather forecasts are not trustable anymore . .

Yeah, for the first time, will get on to the Night service on this route today. Will post the updates as it happens tonite! (night vision cameras anyone? )

Friday, May 26, 2006

In the news today . .

MJ in a BPO Look!
(off the TOI today)

Passion for Crosswords!

Route2j was overwhelmed with people today. Suhaana 'awesome mausam' today! 90% of the folks with sleep apnea dozed off and were oblivious to the unusual pile up on the KR Puram bridge on a Friday. A day for vehicle pooja on the temples along the bridge. Well, they do such pooja's in Temples in New York too!

FANAA playing on all radio stations. Amir and Kajol on tete-e-tete with with each other (one calling the other a dog!). Cute huh ? Try calling ‘kuthe’ while on a road rage . . one black eye for sure.

Oh btw, reminds me .. the black eye dude missed the bus today. The driver ignored his franctic calls to stop the bus.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Aye Salaa . . !

Something interesting happened today. A guy sat up next to me with a big crossword puzzle book (it had about 200 pages of puzzles). He pulled up puzzle no. 18. Puzzled for a while, got a couple of crosswords right... then began to bite nails, scratch his head.. and then it happened :) HE cheated!!!!!!! Looked at the answers page and copied the answers.. corrected a few that he had got wrong. Funny huh? Wait till you hear this one ...

The guy diagonally opposite was reading up a book of sorts .. am gussing some philosophical stuff. He had a dictionary in the other hand and kept referring to it once in a while.

Guess I should change places everyday to snoop on people. And with the paparazzi instinct on the fore, i'd not let the moment go by. Snapped up for you!

What I was upto? I was enjoying the "by 2" kaaapi .. with Vasanthi .. (Rohit Jayakaran was missing today), while observing what people do . . to TP.

Current Temperature outside today:
Radio city - 23' C (min)
Radio Mirchi - 27' C (min)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday morning blues

Huhhh..............i dunno whose face did i see i nthe morning that i had a torrid monday morning (im sure i didnt see the mirror for sure)..........with gr8 difficulty i woke up n got ready only to stand in hot sun in a bussy traffic with full of dust.............vehicles were honking at their peak, people panicked as though their life was at was a rare sight on rural Bommasandra Road where happening software engineers (thats what they behave like!!) were trying to push a heavy pushpak bus which was adamant not to move forward..............ooopppsss, we should have taken a usual the weaker sex was standing and watching the fun.....we thought enugh is enugh and took a stroll on muddy road and reached a cititaxi stand and they saw an opportunity to fleeze money from us and charged a lot to reach ITPL...............there we go to office in a crowded maruti van...............!!!!!
Route 2J broke down today in the middle of the notorious Bommasandra Road. It created a major traffic snarl ... as usual, the hunks trid to push the bus to start ( on the uphill) but the bus dint budge. So we abandoned the effort and decided to cab our way to ITPL. 10 buks per Km and 50 bucks for returning without passengers.. the Cititaxi demanded. Onward ho.. to ITPL .. midway we decided to ditch the Taxi and got in to route 8D! But Route 2J was like "Never say Die". It beat us to ITPL.

Guys .. patience pays (sometimes!)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Double Take!

Some people take liberties of Route2j literally. Why else would you want the bus to stop every 10 meters to pick up passengers. But today the driver finally asked the folks to stand by the regular bus stops (U bet, the guy must be pissed off. 10 meters is too much to ask). If the driver had not done this, the rest of the folks were making plans to have the bus pick us up at our door steps :)

Way to go Route2j!

Friday, May 12, 2006

A voting Season . .

Stole this piece from a neighbour's TOI on the bus today!!

Our Votes are for Route 2J!!!

But hey in India it doesnt matter which side of the road we drive. Ask Madappa, our bus driver (guys? is that his name!!). Traffic is self managed, if you are not an experienced driver, you'd be stuck in the middle of the road :))

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cooler Nights

The rain batterred Bangalore again for a second day yesterday. The roads were clogged with water ? NO, this time with traffic! For Route 2J, adventure as usual! The 6.15 cruise took over 2 hours 30 minutes to reach the destination. Just 4 kms to the destination and the bus gave 'haath'. The driver had no clue, the fiddled with the fuse box trying to pull off strings of wires from the window which was held together with wire cables :) The sleepy lot had no choice but to disembark in the middle of the rush hour and Push the bus to start . . and .. vrooom ... 8.45!