Thursday, May 25, 2006

Aye Salaa . . !

Something interesting happened today. A guy sat up next to me with a big crossword puzzle book (it had about 200 pages of puzzles). He pulled up puzzle no. 18. Puzzled for a while, got a couple of crosswords right... then began to bite nails, scratch his head.. and then it happened :) HE cheated!!!!!!! Looked at the answers page and copied the answers.. corrected a few that he had got wrong. Funny huh? Wait till you hear this one ...

The guy diagonally opposite was reading up a book of sorts .. am gussing some philosophical stuff. He had a dictionary in the other hand and kept referring to it once in a while.

Guess I should change places everyday to snoop on people. And with the paparazzi instinct on the fore, i'd not let the moment go by. Snapped up for you!

What I was upto? I was enjoying the "by 2" kaaapi .. with Vasanthi .. (Rohit Jayakaran was missing today), while observing what people do . . to TP.

Current Temperature outside today:
Radio city - 23' C (min)
Radio Mirchi - 27' C (min)


Vc said...

Dude I like the cool snaps that you take and guess what i'll put a link on my blog..yep its a rare previlige..:)

Psst aren't the relaying the #$*&$&#$ Vidyaranyapura Road!

route2j said...

Thanks Dude!

The road is being *@#@$^*(%@$* further. So when it rains, which it will soon.. we'll need boats!

If i had my ways, i'd line up the folks involved and shoot em!
(pictures of corse!)

Divster said...

Nice.. :)

I see Vc is hanging out here? *twists his ears* Hehe...

Liked ur illustrations.. So ppl find it hard to not cheat even during their leisure time.. Kinda gives u a revelation of wat they wud do at any point..right?

Anonymous said...

boats :) good idea hbt submarines?

Anonymous said...

vasanthi kaun hai abhi?

Vc said...

vasanthi ..who was asking abt Vasanthi ..blasphemy..che che..

she's a RJ :) swalpa loos..but okish i guess...and Renith i didnt know our Pushpak buses had Radio's.