Thursday, June 01, 2006

Do as the Bangloreans do

Yea, route2J jumped lanes yesterday. If you want to survive the jams, learn to do what Bangaloreans do. Break all rules! Cops were happy to let us pass along the wrong way. Saved ourselves a good 20 minutes.

For the first time someone used the berth on the bus. I bet slowly it will catch up and soon we might have RAC and waiting list on route2j. Cant help it, we brush past the KR puram Station everyday. It rubs off!

Ginu was sitting right ahead.. and was hoping he could strech on his berth too. But there were others 2Jers alongside him ..

Books people read on Route2J

Music off air today -

Teri Diwani, Kailash Kher

Ya Ali, Gangster

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Vc said...

oooooooh .Che i wish i was in that bus :)