Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Swalpa Adjust Maadi - naavu irodu higae (we are like this only!)

Bangalore is a wonderful City! Believe me, the best in the world. There is absolutely no regulation that can work here. The traffic works best when its self managed. The cops have been given a new assignment of noting down voilators. All they do nowadays is note registration numbers at junctions and wave in all directions for the traffic to pass ( any direction!). Yesterday the first junction from ITPL was jammed ! a long winding queue (so to speak). In a while the other half of the road, over the road divider, was taken over by vehicles going alongside us. Traffic on both sides of the roads going towards KR Puram! No Cop at the junctions on peak hours! So people make their own roads here . .

A Police jeep joined and sped up along the wrong side whining with lights and sirens (someone inside was screaming 'side ge hogu'). We thought the cops in the jeep would take care of the situation, but guess what, all he was doing was trying to get past the pile up for selfish reasons!! The mess left to people to sort . . it took over an hour to get past . .

While some prayed for the mess to clear and watched the fun :)

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Vc said...

HOly GHOST ..isnt that..D..wait wait till i show it to him..