Thursday, June 29, 2006

RC 5 on route2j

It was the 5th Anniversary of namma own Radio city today. Route2J was chunking along its usual route. Fortunately ahead of time and traffic lights showing us the "Greens" all along the route. The bus was unusally packed to its capacity. As usual, a few who got in along the way got off unable to find vacant seats. Little did they know what they lost out on :)

Suddenly at the underbridge at KR Puram the bus halted, an unscheduled stop.. A few ITPians got in and along came a bubbly girl, beaming a million watt smile. The entire bus was wondering why the bus made this unscheduled stop at the busy junction. A few calls and we were ready to annouce to the bus that Radio city had hijacked us!

The moment we introduced our guest to the entire bus, lo! phones and cameras came out of no where . . the bus was suddenly alive. The sleep apnea was like .. who ? where? when? Abuzz with how did this happen . . Why dint anyone tell us (Doc knew bout it tho;)

Sunaina (~read Su) was her chirpy self and causing the laugh riots :) It was payback time! A bus load of people screaming "H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y" on air .. LIVE over Bangalore. A few front seaters (back down memory lanes - front bench was the most dreaded in school) got to call their friends and dear ones and have them speak to Su. Route2J chucked along to the destination. At ITPL the security was ready to pounce on ticketless travellers. We tried to hoodwink the security telling him who was among us, but.. he stood his guard. We paid up for ticketless travel! Inside ITPL, at teh lobby a few stared at the "91" logo on the back of the shirt, many guessed but kept to themselves. It was time to link up again on air and let the listeners know of how swanky a place ITPL is!

A cuppa kaapi and Dine & Sip, a few more introductions .. and it was time to bid goodbye. On air.. back to virtual reality..

Thank you Su. for a memorable day!

RC 5

Stay tuned for RC 5 update from route2j . .

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Route S2 122

Not really, the ticket said J9WP3, it was a Jet booking done before the tuffle between Sahara and Jet. Anyways, no one complained cos Shikha and Mani were good hosts ;)

It was a welcome change to get on to feel what it is like on the routes in the Capital - Dilli ! The captain annouced that teh temperature at destination was a whooping 37 degrees Celcius and that the temperature outside the plane was a freezing -47 dig! And looking outside the window google earth came by ... awesome sight. pity I had tucked away my camera deep in the cabin bags.

Rajpath at 1.00 AM in teh night!

People picnic past midnight hour, Friday night.

Delhi METRO! My personal opinion is that Metro is not suitable for a place like namma Bengaluru.

Spacious roads in Dilli, but hey, the jams are no less than on our routes:)

Rain lashed for about 20 minutes adn the roads were flooded. The next day I heard there were hailstorms in neighbouring Jaipur city.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Perpetual JAM

'Jamsgalaore' would be an apt name if at all the city is renamed! Anyone know a kannada equivalent of "Jam"?
Someone suggested 'sikka-konda-ooru'. I bet this is how the authorities visualized the infrastructure – Virtually FROM 40,000 FT. Ground realities are different . .

It looked like the World Cup was being played at the end of the road. Now, I begin to understand why some people choose to doze off on the route. It is better to remain oblivious to the maddening rush hour traffic puzzles.
The driver ignored the black eyed dude yet again today. He was frantically waving and running behind until he gave up. Think he should report to the authorities at base ?
Driver went bonkers today too. Every service road and side gully was utilised along the route today. I bet the mess can get on anyone’s nerves..

If you care for a Beer walk in Bangalore - check out the links section.

Books on Board -

Must Read! For folks working on Security FrameWork ;)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Folks on our neighbour route were stuck with the doors jammed. The doors would not open. The hydraulics had failed! Imagine if people were inside the bus and this happened. Route9 was packed with people.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

tadkaa ton' day' ka . . fever football ka!

Well finally everyone is talking about Football now. News papers, Radio and television channels.. So does our Blog (its a German Cocktail!)

The inuagural match was a treat!

As many of us sat glued to television worldwide ...

A giant television screen suspended by wires in the middle of the Frankfurt Stadium was hit by The English Goalie - Robinson for the very first time in the history of the game :)

more to come .. keep the thermometers handy ;)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Back in Paradise

Yeah! this is not the runway .. but a Jet can easily take off the roads in Vidyaranyapura. Ever since its been relaid (w week old now), there have been numerous accidents. Time to organise a Drive safe campaign now!

Route2J chugs away like a bullet train too :) The roads are getting laid all over the route. The driver gave enough 'chamaks' on the way today. He zig-zaged in between 2 container trucks. The ones who were awake saw death zip by and the ones who were in heaven, were in bliss!

Books on board today -

The Alchemist

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Route2J was housefull today! People even got off route2J to get a seat on other routes..

While the lounge atmosphere was set.. and the required cushioning was in place so people who doze off dont fall off their seats .. a mobile buzzed! Click (speaker phone turns on!) Hello ... Baaundaraa ? nenu .. train ... ostundaa ... holiday ... enjoy chestaa ... blah blah .. the conversation went on and on, with the speaker phone switched on.. guess the other folks who were awake were supposed to participate in the CON CALL! Anyways, the audio relay was on for about 4-5 minutes and then the other person bid "Bon Voyage" and hung up. BELMA (name changed :), dint even realise that the speaker phone was active!

~~ Why Sleep is important! ~~

Monday, June 05, 2006

Morning Dope - Trimethylxanthine !

Well Click here if you are wondering what the morning dope is ! The news is all about Dope today. Wonder when they will legalise hash in the country ;) Amsterdam is a city where you can legally purchase soft drugs such as marijuana and hash for your own consumption in one of the numerous "coffee shops" in major streets around the city and even if you're caught with hard drugs such as cocaine, speed, ecstasy and LSD, which are illegal, you're normally only like to get them confiscated and have to pay a small fine provided you're not dealing. Until that happens here, the Apollos and the Aryabhattas will work their ways around trying to hoodwink hash from the system.

Lightning struck Vidyaranyapura on Saturday evening again. A cocunut tree was ablaze and fire tenders had to be called to douse off the fire! This is the third tree in the area to be struck by nature's fury :) Whats causing them to strike ground off late ??

Tips to stay safe -
If you are indoors, stay off the phone. If you must call someone, use a cordless phone or cell phone. If lightning strikes the phone line, the strike will travel to every phone on the line (and potentially to you if you are holding the phone).

Stay away from plumbing pipes (bath tub, shower). Lightning has the ability to strike a house or near a house and impart an electrical charge to the metal pipes used for plumbing. This threat is not as great as it used to be, because PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is often used for indoor plumbing these days. If you are not sure what your pipes are made of, wait it out.

No Monday Blues today. Beautiful day, freshly tarred roads, children back to schools, and as usual the bus load on route2J. But it got to me . . I forgot a couple of DVDs on route2J. But luck was on ma side .. someone I knew got em!

World Environment Day today!!

On Radio today -
A Million Seed Balls . .

Books on route2j -

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Do as the Bangloreans do

Yea, route2J jumped lanes yesterday. If you want to survive the jams, learn to do what Bangaloreans do. Break all rules! Cops were happy to let us pass along the wrong way. Saved ourselves a good 20 minutes.

For the first time someone used the berth on the bus. I bet slowly it will catch up and soon we might have RAC and waiting list on route2j. Cant help it, we brush past the KR puram Station everyday. It rubs off!

Ginu was sitting right ahead.. and was hoping he could strech on his berth too. But there were others 2Jers alongside him ..

Books people read on Route2J

Music off air today -

Teri Diwani, Kailash Kher

Ya Ali, Gangster