Thursday, June 08, 2006

Back in Paradise

Yeah! this is not the runway .. but a Jet can easily take off the roads in Vidyaranyapura. Ever since its been relaid (w week old now), there have been numerous accidents. Time to organise a Drive safe campaign now!

Route2J chugs away like a bullet train too :) The roads are getting laid all over the route. The driver gave enough 'chamaks' on the way today. He zig-zaged in between 2 container trucks. The ones who were awake saw death zip by and the ones who were in heaven, were in bliss!

Books on board today -

The Alchemist


Vc said...

Yipee .. thanks for the pics,dude..

Oh yes i wizzed passed at 110kmph, the other night..( DONT TELL MY MOM)

Will drop by this weekend and take some ground level shots..

route2j said...

Drop by to play chess!

Vc said...

Game on dude !! and by the way .the last time we played I won alva .. Eagleton resorts :) HUGE PAWNS uahahhahaa i had you on the mat dude .... yeah yeah i know the unofficial score is like ( 5-15) but that's because i let you win ..papaa antha.. gosh those were the days ...