Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Route2J was housefull today! People even got off route2J to get a seat on other routes..

While the lounge atmosphere was set.. and the required cushioning was in place so people who doze off dont fall off their seats .. a mobile buzzed! Click (speaker phone turns on!) Hello ... Baaundaraa ? nenu .. train ... ostundaa ... holiday ... enjoy chestaa ... blah blah .. the conversation went on and on, with the speaker phone switched on.. guess the other folks who were awake were supposed to participate in the CON CALL! Anyways, the audio relay was on for about 4-5 minutes and then the other person bid "Bon Voyage" and hung up. BELMA (name changed :), dint even realise that the speaker phone was active!

~~ Why Sleep is important! ~~


Vc said...

Yappaa.. Dude i passed by your place yesterday night.. the new VD road ROCKS .post some pics off that road.. pls pls...

and this blog is weird...y ? because you actually update it everyday with wat happ in your bus..eeeks...who would read this..apart from me :)

by the way 2 more wickets down..Anantha and Ravi..

Anonymous said...

one dimwit question
why don't u reply to any of teh people who comment