Thursday, June 15, 2006

Perpetual JAM

'Jamsgalaore' would be an apt name if at all the city is renamed! Anyone know a kannada equivalent of "Jam"?
Someone suggested 'sikka-konda-ooru'. I bet this is how the authorities visualized the infrastructure – Virtually FROM 40,000 FT. Ground realities are different . .

It looked like the World Cup was being played at the end of the road. Now, I begin to understand why some people choose to doze off on the route. It is better to remain oblivious to the maddening rush hour traffic puzzles.
The driver ignored the black eyed dude yet again today. He was frantically waving and running behind until he gave up. Think he should report to the authorities at base ?
Driver went bonkers today too. Every service road and side gully was utilised along the route today. I bet the mess can get on anyone’s nerves..

If you care for a Beer walk in Bangalore - check out the links section.

Books on Board -

Must Read! For folks working on Security FrameWork ;)


Anonymous said... that was you snoring ;)

Anonymous said...

beer walk? bare walk?

Anonymous said...

psssssst new post and new pics

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Anonymous said...

with "Perpetual JAM" looks like ur words have also stopped flowing :D they seem to be in some sort of JAM!! or is it jelly!