Thursday, June 29, 2006

RC 5 on route2j

It was the 5th Anniversary of namma own Radio city today. Route2J was chunking along its usual route. Fortunately ahead of time and traffic lights showing us the "Greens" all along the route. The bus was unusally packed to its capacity. As usual, a few who got in along the way got off unable to find vacant seats. Little did they know what they lost out on :)

Suddenly at the underbridge at KR Puram the bus halted, an unscheduled stop.. A few ITPians got in and along came a bubbly girl, beaming a million watt smile. The entire bus was wondering why the bus made this unscheduled stop at the busy junction. A few calls and we were ready to annouce to the bus that Radio city had hijacked us!

The moment we introduced our guest to the entire bus, lo! phones and cameras came out of no where . . the bus was suddenly alive. The sleep apnea was like .. who ? where? when? Abuzz with how did this happen . . Why dint anyone tell us (Doc knew bout it tho;)

Sunaina (~read Su) was her chirpy self and causing the laugh riots :) It was payback time! A bus load of people screaming "H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y" on air .. LIVE over Bangalore. A few front seaters (back down memory lanes - front bench was the most dreaded in school) got to call their friends and dear ones and have them speak to Su. Route2J chucked along to the destination. At ITPL the security was ready to pounce on ticketless travellers. We tried to hoodwink the security telling him who was among us, but.. he stood his guard. We paid up for ticketless travel! Inside ITPL, at teh lobby a few stared at the "91" logo on the back of the shirt, many guessed but kept to themselves. It was time to link up again on air and let the listeners know of how swanky a place ITPL is!

A cuppa kaapi and Dine & Sip, a few more introductions .. and it was time to bid goodbye. On air.. back to virtual reality..

Thank you Su. for a memorable day!


Vc said...

Che you have All the FUN !! sigh*

Anonymous said...

eww she is hot ! u guys must have had good fun