Sunday, June 25, 2006

Route S2 122

Not really, the ticket said J9WP3, it was a Jet booking done before the tuffle between Sahara and Jet. Anyways, no one complained cos Shikha and Mani were good hosts ;)

It was a welcome change to get on to feel what it is like on the routes in the Capital - Dilli ! The captain annouced that teh temperature at destination was a whooping 37 degrees Celcius and that the temperature outside the plane was a freezing -47 dig! And looking outside the window google earth came by ... awesome sight. pity I had tucked away my camera deep in the cabin bags.

Rajpath at 1.00 AM in teh night!

People picnic past midnight hour, Friday night.

Delhi METRO! My personal opinion is that Metro is not suitable for a place like namma Bengaluru.

Spacious roads in Dilli, but hey, the jams are no less than on our routes:)

Rain lashed for about 20 minutes adn the roads were flooded. The next day I heard there were hailstorms in neighbouring Jaipur city.

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Vc said...

I WANT ALL THE PICS ...... thu thu .,.. Dude is it on flickr .,..