Saturday, July 22, 2006

Friday, July 21, 2006


At last the Bommasandra road has been made to look like a runway. That is what I said to a friend who once used to live in Vidyranayapura. The conversation goes like this - Bommasandra road ready ayithu kano.. ivaga airport tarah ide.. (and my friend goes like this..) .. ondu bus hodare.. inondu bus hoga ke jagah illa.. airport anthe .. and both of us burst out laughing :)

But yes, the roads have been relaid after about 3-4 years! And we are hoping it stays for a couple of weeks.. before they start diggin up and laying fresh cables and pipes.

For now, the spacecrafts are landing and taking off smoothly.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Back from Paradise

We took the night flight to Venus! Well, there are still some places in India where you cant dream of luxuries :)

The bus started at 10 pm and before we knew it halted at a town in Kerala. We asked around to find that we were at the destination already. We jumped outta our sleep and were on ground. It was 4.00 am early in the morning and there was a steady downpour of rain. The town looked deserted with no vehicles around. Luckily for us we had a cousin who was to pick us up at this hour.

The buses to Kannur pass through Mananthavady in order to avoid the bad strech of ghat section along the Karnataka- Kerala border on the Coorg section in Karnataka. The condition of roads are pathetic! Imagine if the roads in cities are comparable to crators on moon, the condition of roads in the forest and ghat sections are like GC-209 (hehe, i took the liberty of naming a new planet!). The roads in Kerala are better compared to the roads in Karnataka. Wonder what they do to the tax payers money. One of these days I'll demand RTI ! A small state like Kerala can afford to maintain inland roads while an IT giant like Karnataka which boasts of 38% of Software exports, lacks basic infrastructure like motorable roads in the State (oops! did i say State? Should it be just Bangalore?)

Our first stop was the temple at Tirunelli nestled amidst three hills. The roadway is a known Elephant trail. We were not as lucky, but did manage to spot lots of deer along the way. The deity worshiped at the temple is Lord Vishnu, the place is popular for the Papanasini river (the belief is that if you take a dip in this river, all your sins are forgiven!). Easy huh ? Your sins are just 6 hours away!

After breakfast, the next agenda was a trek to the Banasura Mala hills. See Some amazing sceneries from the trek. Tall and Majestic the BANASURA MOUNTAIN PEAK dominates WAYANADS South West Skyline and is the MOST BEAUTIFUL "SIGHT" OF WAYNAD.

Had "kattan chaya"-black tea in a make shift tribal hut while resting for a while after the trek.

Cooling the brew . .

Encounter with a species of millipede ? Anyone know the species ?? This one curls up like a ball. One could easily mistake this for a yummy chocolate!

Banasura is a popular tourist destination in Wayanad District, located 25 km from Kalpetta- the district headquarters. A major attraction here is the Banasuran Mala hills. The natural beauty and the streams provide the perfect setting for arranging a picnic. Built across these misty hills is the Banasura Sagar Dam, which is surrounded by lush greenery and flowery trees. The dam in its full capacity causes many islands to be form. These islands further contribute to the natural scenery of the region.

A Government Lower Primary School in the midst of the hills . .

Surrounded by coffee plantations . .

We caught up with a couple of tribals. No longer tribals. They have caught up with civilisation! or is it visa versa . . .

the only missing piece was a tie :)

the guy's mom . . I did say 'CHEESE' . .

The bus back was a junk yard material. One of the KSRTC buses which should have been written off was scheduled to run between Kannur and Mysore, passing through Manathavady. But unfortunately, the bus came in late and broke down half way at the border. The brakes were jammed due to some problem in the air chamber. The driver looked around, asked around for a 24' spanner and no one obliged. Finally when a lorry stopped for a break, he managed a spanner and broke loose the hand brake. Teh rest of the journey was a risk. If the brakes failed, the bus would crash. Fortunately, nothing of that sorts happened and we reached Mysore at 3.00 pm.

Friday, July 14, 2006

oo0 Away 0oo

(@ @)
| Out in Wynad |
| this |
| Week |
|| ||
ooO Ooo

Saffron Salute . .

A tribute to all I.N.D.I.A.N.S who lost their lives in the serial blasts in Mumbai.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


IS there a pattern emerging or is this a coincidence. Whatever, its been a painful day for Indians.... Hopefully the Government will nab the terrorists and put them to rest!

On the route today, itpains frisked the papers for the horror stories that unfold. The bus takes longer as days come by. The Airport Road flyover is inaugurated today, waiting to see the jam ease there now ?

ITpians resting after lunch.

"By2" ice cream - inspired by Radiocity!

Monday, July 10, 2006


ITalians kiss the trophy! (pity i dint get into betting! but hey .. i did win a "package deal" to treat myself to unlimited ale!)

The game paved way for a shameful exit of Zidane . .

A bus load of drunk people (hehe .. they seem so, the game got over at 3.00 am). More sleepy people and oodles of yawn all around the workplace :)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Living out of a bubble

Touch me not!

Life is unpredictable always .. zindagi se koi shikwaa bhi nahi hai ..
Sunday, is laid back day!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Jo jeeta Wohi Sikander

(in plain English - one who wins, is the king!)

The finals will dawn upon this Sunday. The favorites are France of course. My bet on Italy :)

On route2j, a bus load of fans were catching up on lost sleep :) Fridays, are no special, the jams continue, the roads continue to be dug up, new plans are underway - underpass, overpass, No! no football terms, but they are making a mess of existing roads . . hoping one day 'all roads will lead to Bengaluru'.

The bus took longer than usual to get to destination. Everyday, a broken down vehicle causes traffic snarls. To add to it, on Fridays the vehicles are worshipped in the middle of the roads.

My spycam pics -

Roadside shops with paraphernalia!

Pooja in the middle of the road on a busy Friday morning . .

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Make way for the ITalians . .

Yea, our bet is on Italy. What a fantastic performance in the extra time. Left the Germans panting all the way ..

A shocked German fan!

Sleep apnea as usual on route2j. Fellow mates who stayed awake past midnight for the extravaganza, were all asleep. Some even snoring away to glory. The bus looked like it was ferrying people back from a mission to Mars !

Its better to be on the bus than driving through the ring roads. Its a mess right now with an underground being built at the KR Puram junction near the Tamarind Restaurant. It really gets to your nerves if you have to put through the madness on this road.

Psst! there was talk on getting Radio Mirchi to board our bus . .