Friday, July 07, 2006

Jo jeeta Wohi Sikander

(in plain English - one who wins, is the king!)

The finals will dawn upon this Sunday. The favorites are France of course. My bet on Italy :)

On route2j, a bus load of fans were catching up on lost sleep :) Fridays, are no special, the jams continue, the roads continue to be dug up, new plans are underway - underpass, overpass, No! no football terms, but they are making a mess of existing roads . . hoping one day 'all roads will lead to Bengaluru'.

The bus took longer than usual to get to destination. Everyday, a broken down vehicle causes traffic snarls. To add to it, on Fridays the vehicles are worshipped in the middle of the roads.

My spycam pics -

Roadside shops with paraphernalia!

Pooja in the middle of the road on a busy Friday morning . .

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Anonymous said...

jo hara woh bandar