Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Make way for the ITalians . .

Yea, our bet is on Italy. What a fantastic performance in the extra time. Left the Germans panting all the way ..

A shocked German fan!

Sleep apnea as usual on route2j. Fellow mates who stayed awake past midnight for the extravaganza, were all asleep. Some even snoring away to glory. The bus looked like it was ferrying people back from a mission to Mars !

Its better to be on the bus than driving through the ring roads. Its a mess right now with an underground being built at the KR Puram junction near the Tamarind Restaurant. It really gets to your nerves if you have to put through the madness on this road.

Psst! there was talk on getting Radio Mirchi to board our bus . .


Vc said...

Ooooho .. varasha barthalla ? it seems she's my friend's roomie's fianceeee anthe..


Anonymous said...

sorry rachna is coming ;)