Friday, July 21, 2006


At last the Bommasandra road has been made to look like a runway. That is what I said to a friend who once used to live in Vidyranayapura. The conversation goes like this - Bommasandra road ready ayithu kano.. ivaga airport tarah ide.. (and my friend goes like this..) .. ondu bus hodare.. inondu bus hoga ke jagah illa.. airport anthe .. and both of us burst out laughing :)

But yes, the roads have been relaid after about 3-4 years! And we are hoping it stays for a couple of weeks.. before they start diggin up and laying fresh cables and pipes.

For now, the spacecrafts are landing and taking off smoothly.

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Anonymous said...

yep .. and dude the canon service center gave me bill ,..estu gotha.. Rs 2.5k... #$%#$%#45