Sunday, October 29, 2006

D.O.N - don, kaun paan ?

Don paan nahi khata !

Finally a week after the actual release, got to watch DON in action. But hey, it is not only difficult to catch DON, it is impossible!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Factory Gaadi

Its been such a pleasure to get to office and back in this week. Route2j covered a 30 km distance in namma Bengalooru in 45 mins flat. The joy has been short lived though. Today everything was back to normal. The rush hour was back. It was like "free the RED CAR from the grind!". The lorries and container trucks were parked all along hte busy ring road. The cops as usual were busy waving at passing vehicles oblivious to the winding queue of traffic. Well, if you think you are intelligent play the expert levels!!!!

And, and, the innovations on route2j continue. Wonder how I get to capture all the action all the time:) Snapped up this chap who was wearing an eye cover to get some sleep on the 'airbus'.

Comforts of route2j ....

oh, i forgot the context, but someone wanted to get into route2j at the signal and the driver, oops, sorry the pilot blurted 'its a factory gaadi' .. how could he ?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Malgudi Days - Remake!

While the rest of the world is going from urbanisation to modernisation, Bangalooroo chooses to go the wrong way! This aint new anyways, all of us take the wrong way when the road is marked One way or the road is a No entry :) Its time someone made a remake of our old Maalgudi Days. (Na'gesh kuknoor, are you listening!!) Nagesh was recently accused of stealing the Iqbaal story from somewhere, which he denied of course.

Anyways, back to Bangaaragudi, a metropolitan town, with over crowding people, jam packed roads, jam packed public buses, jam packed super highways, jamp packed rail network, ... am not complaining :)

Traffic on both sides of the road .. same direction !

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Of buttons and buses

Get ready to configure more buttons configured on your radio sets while u cruise along the chocomochos of "Bengaluru Terraffic" :) A recent channel am addicted to is RadioIndigo. While RJs group up in the background huddled together working out logistics for more . .
Visit them

A new route 2R is born, its a treasure hunt of sorts everyday at 5.45 to find the elusive bus. The driver is either hiding or has deserted the bus in fear of driving to an unfamiliar territory. One adventurous driver drove through hoodi and got us on over the KR puram's notorious SKY BRIDGE avoiding all the jams that we usually encounter. But that was just one day, the next day the driver was absconding. Anyways, word's not out yet on this special bus which is "in the line of duty" right now! If you know what i mean - 5.45 pm -