Thursday, November 23, 2006

The light at the end of the Tunnel

Ever been stuck in a traffic at a railway gate. I bet there are not many places in the world where you get to see a minimum of 5 (F.I.V.E) trains pass by while you await your turn to get across the railway crossing. Route2j is one of the lucky buses to have had this priviledge! The 5.45 pm bus load of techies advised the driver that he should avoid the winding jams on the regular route and take the 'hoodi' bypass to reach over to the tamrind junction. The driver hesitated and said he would consider.. but along the route at hoodi junction, an unusual jam sprung up and he decided to take the secret bypass. just a minute into the road and we saw the railway gate closed and a column of vehicles lined up. No way out now, our bus was sandwich .. bread butter and jam :) 6pm to 7pm, we watched 5 trains pass by as people struggled like sheeps to cross the gate. Finally at 7 it was our turn ... and guess what .. we saw a light at the end of the tracks ... Yes! it was a train .. coming at us. The guard at the gates not bothered of the oncoming train but trying to ease traffic on the road instead. While techies watched their backs .. the sriver was stopped by a 'lathi' weilding guy on the raod and shouted upon for bringing a bunch of techies on the forebidden route! The guy swung his lathi a couple of times at the driver and shouted the dirtiest slang he'd ever learnt in his life...

The driver swore he'd never listen to a techie in his life ever!

While he thought his nightmare was over.. a JCB driver threw abuses at him for ferrying 'software' in the bus . .

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