Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Pelicans have arrived !

Kokrebellur, about 80 kms from Bangalore where the migratory birds have made their first landing. The endangered spot billed pelicans have started to arive in this remote village. They seem to have a bond (an agreement of co-existence signed) with the villagers. The villagers say, its been like that for centuries now. The village got its name from these migratory birds which travel from thousands of miles, as far away in Siberia.

For now the birds have nested in two trees in the village. These are the first batch to arrive. As the seasons changes, more birds are expected..

A dragon fly checking on the birds below :)

A local villager winnowing ...

Friday, December 28, 2007

Buggy world

A buggy world all around us. You just have to look :)

The place to find such creatures ...
A watch tower just for the purpose !

Sunday, December 23, 2007

another long Drive . .

Its holiday season and festivities all around. A drive to work took an unbelievable 45 mins compared to an hour and thirty minutes. The roads are deserted and the policeman has switched to the automatic mode.

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, after downing a couple of the latest Kingfisher Draugh Beer. we hit the road to the International Airport and on to Nandi hills.
Here is letting the pictures speak for themselves...
A view of Nandi hills from the drive . .

At railway crossing along the route . .
Kids with improvised toys . .

Am an expert too ... need help ?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Bengaluru Habba is back

The Habba is back to Bengaluru. The name has changed and so has a lot of its cultural spots. Nevertheless, the pomp and glory still exists in the usual addas. A Lazy Sunday noon trip for a glimpse of the folk art and anticipation of finding decor for the walls. Nothing seemed interesting, the artisans have not improvised or innovated in ages. The same piece of art as the last year and the year before .. and before. I knew I would not be disppointed with my camera though. So folks, here is the folk art in pictures.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Care for a moon walk ?

My first attempt to land on the moon has been successful :) Now, dreams dont seem that far away ! The first shot of the moon and am already in love with my Astronomical skills. Ok, I was only kidding . . am only star gazing . .

Click on the picture for a better view of the craters on the moon.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sense the Temperature - Think snow Flakes ;)

Oh yes, Winter is here in Bangalore and its not been this cold in 16 years. The temperature has dropped to about 12.5 'C and as lower in wooded areas in Bangalore. Diwali is just gone by and the jingle bells are not far away. What a festive season this is ...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Eerulli Jam

Onion Jam, thats what it is in Bengaluru !

The place to be if you want to master the art of motoring. Every possible puzzle for you to slove. From a maze of traffic one ways to surprise "u" turns to "merry-go-rounds" - Pick one every day.

Now this one is unique. An early morning start to avoid the peak 9'o clock rush hour. An unusual jam at the notorious outer ring road. Traffic is piled up for miles on all sides. There are no rules for this one. Traffic is one way on either side of the road. On the left side vehicles are coming on to you and on the right side, again, vehicles are coming on to you. Hope you figured out which side of the road I am on. If you have, you have a license to drive anywhere in the world :)

Unique - A traffic Jam caused by tons and tons of Onions!

Truck loads of Onions and miles and miles of it, into Bengaluru. The Government suspended Onion export for 15 days to stabilise the soaring prices in the market (Rs.24 a kilo.) and to ensure adequate stocks in teh domestic market. The rains in AP, Karnataka and MH affected the supply of Onions into these local markets. Trucks with tons and tons of Onions from the stock were sent into Bengaluru. The AMC yard which could not accomodate the trucks closed the gates on them. The trucks with Onions were piled up along the roads leading up to the yard causing a huge pile up of traffic all along the outer ring road.

We cried for help. Dialled Radiocity to get other commuters to know of the unique puzzle. We dialled the Aviation industry for emergency evacuation. Well meri jaan, yeh hai India.

Did we have 911 in India?

Well 103 worked! In about 20 minutes of "no-go", a cop arrived at the scene and restored some order.
Why Onions make you cry!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007


~ ~ ~

A Lazy afternoon trip in search of FireFlies ! The Coleoptra among the beetles, the glow worms . . . . and their bioluminescence to attract mates . . got me on a cold light trail . Along the Kanakapura Road, just a little after Sri Ravishankar's Ashram, look out on the right side of the road for a FireFlies sign board. Keep on the track for about 3 kms and you would end up by the lake and another sign post "Fire Flies".

Someday I want to watch the Firefly systematics !
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I promised to return to this place for the February Jam . . watch out !!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Heaven on Earth

The latest discovery this week is a place in paradise, in the midst of god's own country, a cosy hill top home called "Hill View". Situated in Vaduvanchal, which is located in the Wayanad district of Kerala. The place is situated in between the Calicut – Ooty Road via Wayanad.

Vaduvanchal is located in the Wayanad district of Kerala. The place is situated in between the Calicut – Ootty Road via Wayanad. The place lies in the National Highway 212 for 70 Kms and the next 20 Kms in the State Highway.

If you want to wake up to morning like these, and discover heaven on Earth .. you know who to contact !

Sunday, July 15, 2007

On a Monsoon trail . .

Yet another Monsoon experience this weekend ! The rain in the catchment area has been unrelenting so far. The Cauvery River is in spate. The villagers all around are busy ploughing their fields and sowing seeds.

The mulberry plantations line the entire strech of land. Silk is silenty being spun in the country side. The silk worms are fed and happily cuddled up in their cocoons. Little do they realise that they will have a watery end. Its interesting to know how carefully they are raised in controlled temperatures, protected from flies and insects. Silkworms have enormous apetite, they binge on the mulberry leaves, day and night. After 4-5 weeks they have eaten enough and have grown to 3 inches long and nearly 1 inch thick. Now it stops eating and is ready to spin its cocoon. Three days of spinning its head in an 8 like movement the cocoon is ready. Now the 'gravy' part - the cocoon is soaked in water to kill the worm and to allow the workers to locate the end of the silk thread for the spinning machines ... and transformed to Kimonos and beautiful Silk Sarees! A kimono requires about 2100 silkworms.

The trail leads us all the way to Maekaedatu ~ Goats Leap . .

Wonder if she really wanted to leap :)

Meanwhile, the rest of the sober partners cooled their heels alongside. .

Ideal for a rafting adventure. Anyone wanna join ?.. on the next Monsoon Mission :))

Monday, July 02, 2007

Monsoon Wedding

A perfect time for romance! A perfect time for a monsoon wedding, set in small town name Talkad (tal'kaad) along the river Caveri. Talakad has mysteriously been covered by sand. As many as 30 temples are covered under heaps of sand. Legend has it that it was a curse of a Queen. Dumplings of sand as if out of nowhere... but the country side is lush green and picturesque. The south west monsoon is active and the wind blows at enormous speed. The country side is continuosly lashed by rains every five minutes ..

Its soothing to drive down in the rains. The country side smells fresh, every once in a while you want to pull aside and pull in some fresh stock of oxygen into your lungs as you strech yourself and prepare for the next strech of bad roads. The in roads to the tourist spots in most of Karnataka are pathetic. Well, no one complains . . as long as it gives you a dirt track ride and adventure you can rber!

The Bride and the Groom showering colored rice on each other. A feel of rain ?

We intended to visit the sculptures at Somnathpur, but the rains were heavy on our side. We decided to get to dry lands as early as possible. Somnathpur will be another day !

A little over 10 kms from the city, there are no signs of rain. Just overcast dark skies and dry chilly winds blowing all the time. Just a rainbow ..

Congratulations Sweat!

Monday, June 25, 2007


Am now a self delacred Cyanoacrylate-Phobic! I hereby swear, any future attempts to glue broken things will be undertaken only with protective gear. More like the ones they use when disposing bombs or mines :)

Not just once, but everytime I have attempted to mend broken things, I have ended up sticking my fingers together or having discovered that my fingers are stiff due to overflow of the Cyanoacrylate substance onto my fingers or hands. The 4 cm tube is a piece of arsenal that needs special handling. However hard I try to keep the deadly liquid from flowing over to my hands, i end up sticking my fingers together or a piece of plastic bonded to my skin.

On research, I have discovered that even though Super Glue is incredibly strong, it has one weakness - Acetone. Easily found in nail polish removers !

Btw, Did you know why girls are staying away from nail polish removers ?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Moods at Sunset


Seismonastic movements - The cause of the touch-me-not effect is a loss of turgor pressure. The movement is caused by "a rapid loss of pressure in strategically situated cells that cause the leaves to droop right before one’s eyes".

Flower heads of a shy plant :)


A dramatic hue in the skies in Mysore !

While on earth silence is enforced . .

Mounted Police Patrolling the streets in Mysore.

Car Pooling

When it rains, it brings along misery. like it did to me. Well, it was no cyclone Gonu, but a 5 minute heavy downpour. The notorious inner ring road in front of Pizza Hut was choc-a-block with traffic. There was at least 3 foot water on the roads, as I inched through traffic I reliased what was causing the traffic pile up. The smaller vehicles like the popular autoricksaw was literally a piece of toy floating on water. I paddled myself to keep to the right of the road thinking the water level will be lesser on that side. That was a bad choice.. as other bigger vehicles bussed passed, it created waves ! Soon I could hear waves crashing alongside my car and I was dreading what was in store. I looked up ahead and could see and endless vast of water all over. For a moment 'Titanic' was playing 'fist show' in my mind :) As I cruised along, I saw a stranded Auto ahead.. I tried to brake and kill the speed but I was flating as well. I grabbed the wheels and turn it left with all my might, the car just flaoted on to the right. I took no chances, stepped on the pedal and cruised as fast as i could. Causing waves as i cruised ....

45 minutes of paddling and I reached the shore !

Well, cant imagine a 'gonu' striking us. We'd all be gone ..

Time for Noah's arc yet ?????

Friday, May 11, 2007

A Different Route now!

Finally bid goodbye to route2j this month. Since the start of this weeek, am being driven by the black beauty again :) The traffic has not eased up a bit in an year since I have been on route2j. The mess on tha roads is the same. The people screaming and getting at each others throats on the road. The cows all around the place. Acting like break inspectors for the BBMP roads . .

The once charming Brigade Road is only about 15 minutes drive now. But the old charm and glory all lost to the mega malls all around. Few people, the once rushed up avenue, is in shambles, few shops, mega discounts but no takers, only the road side hawkers making business as usual.

Well, am still learning to fly . . taking baby steps for now.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Bangalore's landmark May flowers are in Full bloom ! The 'Gulmohr' tree makes Banglore a true Garden City at this time of the year. They call it the 'flame of the forest'. Legend has it that the tree is named gulmohur because its flower looks like gul (rose) and the leaf spread appears like the feathers of a mor (peacock).

Other flowering trees like the Rain Flower tree too are in bloom. Just awaiting the rain god's to open up on them.

Celebrate the flamboyant Gulmohur, and the wonderful Season . .

Oh ! btw, MAY DAY ! MAY DAY!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Invoking the Supernatural

'Theyyam' is a special performance to seek blessings for the household and offer prayers to the ancestors. It is a popular ritual of Kannur, north of Kerala. Read on more from the link . .

A performer, prepares for the trance, sleeping on a bed of fire.

If you thought i was a couch potato, think again !

Up Close.
There is no stage of curtains for these shows. The devotees just stand around and the dancer who propitiates the deity has to reside in these rituals which last to over 12 hours.

Another Incarnation . .

After morphing into the god or goddess, the danceer runs into the courtyard and dances in a pocessed manner.

A sneak peak at face painting prior to the show.

The bizzare head dresses, costumes and body painting and trance like performances are very extraordinary.

Am i Scary enough ?

The costumes are made out of natural materials like coconut leaves and bark. The paint is made from natural resources too.

Oh well, yes thats just to prove a point that the vibrance of the show is the colors ! And, here is another BRAVEHEART. The kids are usually placed in the hands of the deity to invoke blessing. But I can bet, the kid can never fear anything ever again. A true Malabar kid!

The term ‘theyyam’ is derived from the word ‘Daivam’, meaning divine.
Ever wonder why god comes to Earth in inhuman forms ?
What is global Warming ? As if anyone cares . . .