Monday, February 12, 2007

Air Traffic Control - Aero India 2007

A wonderful Aviation weekend. The entire Bangalore was out on the road to Bellary .. blocking the entire strech leading to the New International Airpot :) Cars and Jeeps parked all along the road and people climbing on to any vantage point that gives you a great view of the runway and the planes taking off. Why bother on a 300 buck ticket and hours of Q! when you can take beautiful shots from mid-air (wink!)

Click the AERO INDIA 2007 link on the photography section to see the extravaganza!

People atop buses along the bellary route ..

The Government is quick to respond. They send in city swap buses so people can take a swap of the show!

Together, can we buy an Airplane ?

Life is usual for a villager .. grazing his sheep ..
Looks above casually to see the flying machines.

A new lens on test.

Dazed ! whata SHOW!!

Mom, the show is over. Am walking home...