Sunday, April 15, 2007

Invoking the Supernatural

'Theyyam' is a special performance to seek blessings for the household and offer prayers to the ancestors. It is a popular ritual of Kannur, north of Kerala. Read on more from the link . .

A performer, prepares for the trance, sleeping on a bed of fire.

If you thought i was a couch potato, think again !

Up Close.
There is no stage of curtains for these shows. The devotees just stand around and the dancer who propitiates the deity has to reside in these rituals which last to over 12 hours.

Another Incarnation . .

After morphing into the god or goddess, the danceer runs into the courtyard and dances in a pocessed manner.

A sneak peak at face painting prior to the show.

The bizzare head dresses, costumes and body painting and trance like performances are very extraordinary.

Am i Scary enough ?

The costumes are made out of natural materials like coconut leaves and bark. The paint is made from natural resources too.

Oh well, yes thats just to prove a point that the vibrance of the show is the colors ! And, here is another BRAVEHEART. The kids are usually placed in the hands of the deity to invoke blessing. But I can bet, the kid can never fear anything ever again. A true Malabar kid!

The term ‘theyyam’ is derived from the word ‘Daivam’, meaning divine.
Ever wonder why god comes to Earth in inhuman forms ?
What is global Warming ? As if anyone cares . . .


Vc said... when can i join your photographyyyyyy classes....Sirrrrrrrrr

Sandeep Pillai said...

hey great shots. Especially the nails.

The size of images are pretty small. Maybe you should link the images from flickr.

Anonymous said...

It looks like he is enacting the Narasimha incarnation of Lord Vishnu. As to the question why the Lord takes different forms, it is to reiterate that all forms are born out of Him.

SloganMurugan said...

super machcha