Sunday, April 29, 2007


Bangalore's landmark May flowers are in Full bloom ! The 'Gulmohr' tree makes Banglore a true Garden City at this time of the year. They call it the 'flame of the forest'. Legend has it that the tree is named gulmohur because its flower looks like gul (rose) and the leaf spread appears like the feathers of a mor (peacock).

Other flowering trees like the Rain Flower tree too are in bloom. Just awaiting the rain god's to open up on them.

Celebrate the flamboyant Gulmohur, and the wonderful Season . .

Oh ! btw, MAY DAY ! MAY DAY!


Anonymous said...


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Thanks and Regards,

krupali said...

gulmohar trees look beautiful..they fill the streets up with colour..
interesting to know more about the name!