Friday, May 11, 2007

A Different Route now!

Finally bid goodbye to route2j this month. Since the start of this weeek, am being driven by the black beauty again :) The traffic has not eased up a bit in an year since I have been on route2j. The mess on tha roads is the same. The people screaming and getting at each others throats on the road. The cows all around the place. Acting like break inspectors for the BBMP roads . .

The once charming Brigade Road is only about 15 minutes drive now. But the old charm and glory all lost to the mega malls all around. Few people, the once rushed up avenue, is in shambles, few shops, mega discounts but no takers, only the road side hawkers making business as usual.

Well, am still learning to fly . . taking baby steps for now.

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Anonymous said...

which route are u thou now?