Sunday, June 10, 2007

Car Pooling

When it rains, it brings along misery. like it did to me. Well, it was no cyclone Gonu, but a 5 minute heavy downpour. The notorious inner ring road in front of Pizza Hut was choc-a-block with traffic. There was at least 3 foot water on the roads, as I inched through traffic I reliased what was causing the traffic pile up. The smaller vehicles like the popular autoricksaw was literally a piece of toy floating on water. I paddled myself to keep to the right of the road thinking the water level will be lesser on that side. That was a bad choice.. as other bigger vehicles bussed passed, it created waves ! Soon I could hear waves crashing alongside my car and I was dreading what was in store. I looked up ahead and could see and endless vast of water all over. For a moment 'Titanic' was playing 'fist show' in my mind :) As I cruised along, I saw a stranded Auto ahead.. I tried to brake and kill the speed but I was flating as well. I grabbed the wheels and turn it left with all my might, the car just flaoted on to the right. I took no chances, stepped on the pedal and cruised as fast as i could. Causing waves as i cruised ....

45 minutes of paddling and I reached the shore !

Well, cant imagine a 'gonu' striking us. We'd all be gone ..

Time for Noah's arc yet ?????

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pool ? where