Monday, June 25, 2007


Am now a self delacred Cyanoacrylate-Phobic! I hereby swear, any future attempts to glue broken things will be undertaken only with protective gear. More like the ones they use when disposing bombs or mines :)

Not just once, but everytime I have attempted to mend broken things, I have ended up sticking my fingers together or having discovered that my fingers are stiff due to overflow of the Cyanoacrylate substance onto my fingers or hands. The 4 cm tube is a piece of arsenal that needs special handling. However hard I try to keep the deadly liquid from flowing over to my hands, i end up sticking my fingers together or a piece of plastic bonded to my skin.

On research, I have discovered that even though Super Glue is incredibly strong, it has one weakness - Acetone. Easily found in nail polish removers !

Btw, Did you know why girls are staying away from nail polish removers ?


Anonymous said...

what else do u fix ?

Anonymous said...

why why >???

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Anonymous said...

oh yeah. you think that's bad? this last summer, i somehow managed to get superglue on my left eyeball. that's some extreme pain and discomfort that lasts a good three days. but the emotional trauma and panic is the worst part. :)