Monday, July 02, 2007

Monsoon Wedding

A perfect time for romance! A perfect time for a monsoon wedding, set in small town name Talkad (tal'kaad) along the river Caveri. Talakad has mysteriously been covered by sand. As many as 30 temples are covered under heaps of sand. Legend has it that it was a curse of a Queen. Dumplings of sand as if out of nowhere... but the country side is lush green and picturesque. The south west monsoon is active and the wind blows at enormous speed. The country side is continuosly lashed by rains every five minutes ..

Its soothing to drive down in the rains. The country side smells fresh, every once in a while you want to pull aside and pull in some fresh stock of oxygen into your lungs as you strech yourself and prepare for the next strech of bad roads. The in roads to the tourist spots in most of Karnataka are pathetic. Well, no one complains . . as long as it gives you a dirt track ride and adventure you can rber!

The Bride and the Groom showering colored rice on each other. A feel of rain ?

We intended to visit the sculptures at Somnathpur, but the rains were heavy on our side. We decided to get to dry lands as early as possible. Somnathpur will be another day !

A little over 10 kms from the city, there are no signs of rain. Just overcast dark skies and dry chilly winds blowing all the time. Just a rainbow ..

Congratulations Sweat!

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