Sunday, July 15, 2007

On a Monsoon trail . .

Yet another Monsoon experience this weekend ! The rain in the catchment area has been unrelenting so far. The Cauvery River is in spate. The villagers all around are busy ploughing their fields and sowing seeds.

The mulberry plantations line the entire strech of land. Silk is silenty being spun in the country side. The silk worms are fed and happily cuddled up in their cocoons. Little do they realise that they will have a watery end. Its interesting to know how carefully they are raised in controlled temperatures, protected from flies and insects. Silkworms have enormous apetite, they binge on the mulberry leaves, day and night. After 4-5 weeks they have eaten enough and have grown to 3 inches long and nearly 1 inch thick. Now it stops eating and is ready to spin its cocoon. Three days of spinning its head in an 8 like movement the cocoon is ready. Now the 'gravy' part - the cocoon is soaked in water to kill the worm and to allow the workers to locate the end of the silk thread for the spinning machines ... and transformed to Kimonos and beautiful Silk Sarees! A kimono requires about 2100 silkworms.

The trail leads us all the way to Maekaedatu ~ Goats Leap . .

Wonder if she really wanted to leap :)

Meanwhile, the rest of the sober partners cooled their heels alongside. .

Ideal for a rafting adventure. Anyone wanna join ?.. on the next Monsoon Mission :))

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