Friday, October 19, 2007

Eerulli Jam

Onion Jam, thats what it is in Bengaluru !

The place to be if you want to master the art of motoring. Every possible puzzle for you to slove. From a maze of traffic one ways to surprise "u" turns to "merry-go-rounds" - Pick one every day.

Now this one is unique. An early morning start to avoid the peak 9'o clock rush hour. An unusual jam at the notorious outer ring road. Traffic is piled up for miles on all sides. There are no rules for this one. Traffic is one way on either side of the road. On the left side vehicles are coming on to you and on the right side, again, vehicles are coming on to you. Hope you figured out which side of the road I am on. If you have, you have a license to drive anywhere in the world :)

Unique - A traffic Jam caused by tons and tons of Onions!

Truck loads of Onions and miles and miles of it, into Bengaluru. The Government suspended Onion export for 15 days to stabilise the soaring prices in the market (Rs.24 a kilo.) and to ensure adequate stocks in teh domestic market. The rains in AP, Karnataka and MH affected the supply of Onions into these local markets. Trucks with tons and tons of Onions from the stock were sent into Bengaluru. The AMC yard which could not accomodate the trucks closed the gates on them. The trucks with Onions were piled up along the roads leading up to the yard causing a huge pile up of traffic all along the outer ring road.

We cried for help. Dialled Radiocity to get other commuters to know of the unique puzzle. We dialled the Aviation industry for emergency evacuation. Well meri jaan, yeh hai India.

Did we have 911 in India?

Well 103 worked! In about 20 minutes of "no-go", a cop arrived at the scene and restored some order.
Why Onions make you cry!!!

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