Sunday, February 17, 2008

Masterpiece by Henry Irving

A weekend photo trip to the Wodeyar town in the red buses is quite an adventure. At 7.00 am, the weather in Bangalore is cloudy and there are chances of rain. We take our chances too and board a 7.30 bus to Mysore. On board they try to play one of Ravichandras's 'cheluve' movies. Every time the bus driver demonstrated his driving skills the video would get reset and start all over again. We watched the initial Rockline Production listing at least theree times and then the driver himself took pity on us and called it quits. Venks kept getting 'cricket' updates from Bylakuppe every 5 minutes...

Breakfast at Mysore, and we were all set on a local bus to Chamundi Hills. Clear blue sky was no where in picture. But guess it was not that bad either. We decided to visit the crouching nandi by walk, passing by the vendors along the road, a solid 5 kms waslk down winding roads...

A visit to Mahishasura too ...

The Crouching Nandi ..

Came down to Wodeyar town and hit the famous Ritz Hotel for a lavish lunch and couple of beer mugs..

From Ritz, we wait endlessly at eh entrace of the Mysore Palace for the gates to open .. watching life happening . .

(modes of transport)

The crowd arriving for watching the lighting extragavanza . .

(mounted Police)

Moments before the lights come on .. and bathe the Palace in lights..

Anxious people at the gates ..

The moment of truth.. the Palace in its glory . .

Illuminati .. another da vinci code ???