Saturday, May 02, 2009

Spice Route

Once upon a time, the remains of the great traveller Vasco da gama  lay here in the small port town of Cochin (Kochi now). Vasco da gama the famous exporer set sail from Lisbon in july 1497, heading east. At  that time, it was believed that the Indian ocean was not connected to any other sea. Some interesting facts and highlights from history:

* Many of his crew died from scurvy, a disease casued by the lack of Vitamin C.
* He brought along 20 armed ships in 1502 to fight the traders who resisted him in India.
* The port city Vasco da gama in Goa was named after him.
* Vasco Da Gama dies in Cochin on the Malabar coast, India on 24 December, 1524

The St. Francis Church where Vasco da gama's remains were buried until they were exhumed and transported to Lisbon.

The place of burial. Vasco da Gama died on the eve of Christmas ...

The picture of the inside of St. Francis Church.

Portuguese cemetery Kochi, Kerala.

Portuguese architecture still seen in the parts of Kochi, Kerala.

Modern day 5 Star Plus luxury cruise "EUROPA" at the port, Kochi  2009.

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