Sunday, May 02, 2010


A whirlwind visit to this lovely city in the middle of summer was not that bad after all. From the chilled vestibule of the Shatabdi, where I was literally shivering, was out in the burning furnace like weather in Chennai at 11.00 am in the morning. Drove straight to New Woodlands at Maylapore. The evening was spent at the iyer's engagement ceremony. Food was yummy and finger licking good. And the couple was made for each other...

The City is clean! The traffic is just like in any metro. In the midst of all, got to witness the motorcade of the CM pass by. Pity I cud not take pictures...

The night was spent on the second largest beach in the world. Or so they claim .. the beach is swarming with people who have come out in the evening to seek the warmth of the sea breeze :)
The beach is a busy place with stalls, games, horse rides and kids flying kites all around.

The next morning surprisingly a rainy day. Though we spotted rain clouds in the evening, the locals ignored them to be just passing clouds. But it rained cats and dogs.. it cooled the morning .. as though to let us enjoy and explore Chennai much better.

A morning bite at the famous Saravana Bhavan in Mylapore.. (Sorry, no patience to wait. So had to eat and then shoot :P )

The rest of the morning was spent at the gully's and by lanes, at pondy bazaar, at the Spencers mall, a Tellicherry Biriyani at the Tattukada, and then the evening at the beach again. Calm seas.. cool breeze!

Beach stalls :
American is famous too!
Mumbai chat in Chennai ? Dont miss the PEAL POORI...
MGR and Anna ... at the parrot astrologer. RAT!

The Gandhi Statue at the Marina Road.

The Ashok Stambh!

So long 'Chenni' . . . .


Anonymous said...

Don't you love the rain in mid summer. It also rained here in Hyderabad on Sunday.

Kamini said...

I was also in Chennai, my hometown, last week. I am so glad you liked it. So many people like to put it down saying it's dull and boring, but it's now one of the cleanest and best-run cities in India.
The pictures were very nice!