Sunday, July 25, 2010

The heavenly Uttarakhand holds many mysteries and interesting stories . . . one such place of interest is the Mana Village, the last village on the Indian side.

The last tea shop on this side of India too..

Vyas Gufa
From Mana village, climb up the steps and you will reach Rishi Vyas gufa. It is sitting in this cave and on the rocks that Vyasa rishi wrote Mahabarata. It is said that Vyasa rishi wanted an assistant to write so fast that he did not have to repeat a single word again. So he hired Ganesh for the job. Ganesh put forth a condition that he would only scribe it if the entire Mahabharat was said in one go. But nearby, river Saraswati flowed and was terribly noisy.
So he cursed the noisy Saraswati to vanish into Paataal (deep into earth). It is unbelivable but the river just vanishes into earth and does not flow onto the other side of the stream!

Inside the gufa
Below is the noisy river just about 100 meters away from the Vyasa gufa. Play it to believe it! The other side of the bridge is absolutely dry and quiet. The Saraswati river flows underground from here ..

Saraswati vanishes from this point

The Bhim Pul on the way to Heavens door (Swarg ka Dwar). . . . . COMING SOON!


Badari said...

Didnt know about the tale of River Saraswati. Nice photos. Waiting for more..

Muralisk said...

Awesome stuff man. Keeping it going, can't wait to see it all ...