Friday, August 27, 2010

Sunny day visitors!

After a battered night of rains, the morning was full of Sun Shine. The neighborhood looked bright and was chirpy with sounds of birds in front of the Balcony. This naughty little Squirrel fella was upto mischief. Am guessing he was teasing the Humming bird by plucking off all the flowers on the tree before it could suck nectar out of it:) This has been a routine every morning. The fella, jumps from one branch to the other and plucks every flower there and throws them on the ground. There are other visitors who come by and watch the fun. But for today, I just got the Red whiskered Bulbul!

The naughty little squirrel.

The Humming Bird.

At work!

The red whiskered bulbul - watchful of the events.