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Inside the Laal Qila (Red Fort)

The blessed fort (Qila-i-mubarak)  - The RED FORT

From Shah Jahan to Manmohan Singh, the fort stands testimony to the Mughal conflicts, the Maratha Conquest, the Sikh Agression, the British occupation and to modern day rulers of the country.

View from Lahori Gate
Inside the walled fort

Candid as the fort

 The Rang Mahal - Palace of colors housed the Emperor's wives and mistresses. The palace was once crowned with gilded turrets. Decorated with intricate mosaic of mirrors. It had ceiling overlaid with Gold and Silver that would reflect in the central pool located in the marble floor of the palace. 

Outside view of the Rang Mahal

Hand drawn Shah nama

The Hall of Public Audiences the emperor, seated in a canopied enclosure, would hear complaints and pleas of the commoners through a balcony. The hall was ornamented with intricate work and featured a series of gold columns (wonder where they are now!). It also included a large railing that separated the commoners from the emperor.