Sunday, July 27, 2014

Iftar at Mosque Road - عید مُبارک

Ramzan (or Ramadan), the special month in the Muslim calendar when the holy Quran was revealed. Muslims spend this month fasting from dawn to dusk and at sunset they break their fast with an evening meal(iftar). The incredible variety of food attracts Muslims and non Muslims alike to Mosque Road. Iftar is a social event of bonding with families, friends and communities and here you will find an example of the sea of people that throng this place for the festive atmosphere.

Foodie treat to look for - Haleem, Pathar Ghost (Stone Meat), Muttons cutlets, Kababs, Samosas, Rolls, Keema Parathas, Shahi tukda and the delicacies go on along the stretch of the roads.

Some street pictures from the walk on the Mosque Road . .

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